At Chabad we see a Bar/Bat Mitzva as an opportunity for a child to explore and discover what being Jewish really means. Not just a lavish party, a Bar/Bat Mitzva an experience that can mold a child, leaving an everlasting imprint on his/her life forever.  We offer private Bar/Bat MitzvahContinue Reading

Hebrew School Calendar 5780 | 2019-2020 Click Here for the Hebrew School Calendar Times: Sunday – 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM First Taste (3-5 year olds): 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM Location: Chabad Jewish Center, 1716 Cape Coral Pkwy w. Tuition: $500 (includes registration, books). Please call the office toContinue Reading

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Adam Strongin Scholarship Fund  Adam Strongin enjoyed reading books and singing.  He often planned parties with other children and never seemed to run out of energy.  Chanukah was Adam’s favorite holiday because he enjoyed lighting the menorah, singing Chanukah songs and sharing the story with others.  Adam is remembered byContinue Reading

March 20 – 21, 2019 Wednesday, March 20 Fast of Esther Begins: 6:20am Mincha & “Half Shekel”: Megillah Reading: 8:00pm Fast Ends: 8:03pm Thursday, March 21st Purim Day! Services 7:00am Megillah Reading: 7:45am Purim Party: 6:00pm Meggilah Reading: 6:15pm How We Celebrate Purim Though we dress up in holiday finery,Continue Reading

Arpil 19-27 2019 – Nissan 12-22 Thursday, April 18 Bedikat Chametz Search for Chametz: 8:18pm Friday, April 19,Pesach Eve Finish Eating Chametz before: 11:13am Sell and Burn Chametz before: 12:12pm Candle Lighting: 7:35pm Mincha & Maariv Services  7:30pm Community Pesach Seder: 8:00pm Shabbat, April 201st Day of Pesach Holiday ServicesContinue Reading

 Shavuot PartySunday, June 9th 11:00am Enjoy a scrumptious dairy feast and Relive the Sinai experience with the Reading of the 10 Commandments, commemorating the Giving of The Torah 3,331 years ago. Schedule of Services Click Here  What is Shavuot? Click Here Shavuos Guide Click Here Shavuos Recipes (including some healthy ones!) Click HereContinue Reading

June 8 – 10, 2019  Saturday , June 8 Shavuot Eve Mincha & Maariv Services  7:30pm Candle Lighting after: from a pre-existing flame 8:59pm  Tikun Leil Shavuot  11:00pm Sunday, June 9 Shavuot Day 1  Holiday Services  9:30am  Reading of 10 Commandments 11:00am Shavuot Celebration 11:00am  Mincha & Maariv Services  8:00pm CandleContinue Reading