For thousands of years, Jewish marriages have been strengthened through the sanctity and holiness inherent in Taharat Hamishpacha – the practice of Family Purity, of which immersion in a Mikvah is an integral part. 

The mikvah is a mystical pool of rainwater that transports a person back to the very origins of spiritual purity. 

The word Mikvah means a gathering of water, natural water. Unlike an ordinary tub or pool, complex laws and specifications govern a Mikvah’s construction. The accumulated rainwater is kept in a separate pool and is adjacent to the immersion pool which is filled with heated tap water and meticulously cleaned. The pools share a common wall that has an opening, allowing the waters to touch, thus conferring upon the immersion pool the legal status of a Mikvah. 

The Mikvah, containing waters untouched by human hands because they fell as rain directly into the Mikvah, is the closest thing we have to a piece of heaven on earth. Water is the most spiritual of all the physical elements. It gives us the opportunity to reunite with our spiritual source. 

Mikvah is the threshold separating the mundane from the holy and spiritual. Immersion in the Mikvah has offered a gateway to purity ever since the creation of man, when Adam sat in the flowing rivers of Eden. Emerging from beneath the Mikvah waters, a person gains a sense of renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth as his/her physical being and spiritual nature join together. 

The Mikvah was built with the needs of the local Jewish community in mind. It is a glamorous facility that offers women the opportunity for a deeply moving, spiritual experience – a spa for the body as well as the soul. It also serves as an educational resource providing tours for schools and synagogues and other interested groups. 

Our facility offers the best in comfort, hygiene, aesthetics, and privacy. It boasts a well-appointed waiting room, two luxurious preparation rooms, and a uniquely designed women’s Mikvah. Our mikvah is fully equipped with all the supplies needed in preparation for immersion. 

The Mikvah located at 2005 Cape Coral Pkwy W, is easily accessible to all.

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