Our beautiful & modern women’s Mikvah is located 
at 2005 Cape Coral Pkwy W., Cape Coral

The Mikvah is a cornerstone of Jewish family life. It is used by brides before their marriage, and for married women for the duration of their child-bearing years. 
Private classes are available on the laws of Family Purity, of which Mikvah is a part, for both brides and those long-married.

Use of the Mikvah is by appointment only.  Please call Rivky at 239.699.0166 for an appointment.  Kindly call at least 24 hours in advance.

Mikva Fee

Membership: $400 per year
Membership entitles you to one year’s use of the Mikvah

Non-Members: $50

Same Day Appointment: $65

Thank you!