Our Curriculum

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We hope to engage your child’s sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. So, we put a lot of effort into providing our students with substantive lessons and a positive atmosphere.

The lessons are multi-sensory and hands-on, incorporating art and drama projects to ensure that the students personally experience what they are being taught. The lessons are structured with discussion-starters, to create a lively, interactive classroom experience. The information truly becomes the student’s own.

HEBREW Our students learn to read Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur – Hebrew Prayer Book.

TORAH Study of the Torah’s timeless lessons provides our students with practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.

ISRAEL Our students will attain an affection for our heritage and a uniqueness of our homeland Israel.

JEWISH HISTORY The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages.

HOLIDAYS AND SHABBAT In addition to teaching the customs and reasons behind the rituals, our holiday curriculum is imbued with the spirit and excitement of our beautiful festivals. Hands-on demonstrations fill the calendar as we advance from Rosh Hashanah to the holiday of Shavuot. The Annual Hebrew School Shabbat Dinner enable the entire HSTA family to experience a wonderful Shabbat together.

JEWISH VALUES Perhaps the most important component of a Jewish education is the understanding that our religion is based on a G‑d given set of values and ethics. Our students learn the Mitzvot and gain an appreciation for their relevance in the 21st century.