In light of the recent attack on our Chabad Jewish Center in Cape Coral it is of utmost importance that we increase our security significantly. Thank G-d no one was injured in any way.

Here at Chabad we are constantly proactive & working on our security so each person that enters our space can feel safe.

It is thanks to our locked doors and impact glass windows and doors that the individual was not successful to gain access into Chabad. But it’s not enough!

We need to urgently add the following measures:

  • Install a full HD security system with 4k resolution cameras with night vision, sensor and light system for deterrence, full audio and alarm capability on all sides of our center.
  • NVR system with HDD video recorder and connected to network and it also connects wireless to smart phone via app.
  • A 32 inch LCD near entry of building so that everyone can view the live feed of all the cameras, and take notice of their surroundings.
  • Upgrade the locks on all our doors
  • Install security film on all the windows
  • Install a security fence around the whole property

We are currently working on training additional local community members who are personally invested in all of our safety to respond to any threat.