Thursday, March 21 • 6:00pm At Chabad Jewish Center A magnificent Purim extravaganza for the entire community! Megilah Reading Kickoff • Concession stands • Kosher stadium Buffet • music • bounce house • music • Wear your favorite jersey • Hamantashen & L’Chaims For The Fast of Esther & PurimContinue Reading

March 20 – 21, 2019 Wednesday, March 20 Fast of Esther Begins: 6:20am Mincha & “Half Shekel”: Megillah Reading: 8:00pm Fast Ends: 8:03pm Thursday, March 21st Purim Day! Services 7:00am Megillah Reading: 7:45am Purim Party: 6:00pm Meggilah Reading: 6:15pm How We Celebrate Purim Though we dress up in holiday finery,Continue Reading