Your birthday celebrates the day that G-d placed you in the world to fulfill your unique purpose. It’s the day that says, “You are special, and you matter!”  Join the Women’s Birthday Club to celebrate each special birthday with your friends in a meaningful, inspiring and enjoyable way!  Membership willContinue Reading

The Chessed Circle is a group of dedicated community volunteers who spread Chessed-Kindness with warmth and sensitivity. The purpose of this initiative is to support individuals and families in our community and beyond through happy moments and times of difficulty. The Chessed Circle sends gifts of food and visitations toContinue Reading

Help Chabad Spread the Light of Chanukah!Candle Sponsor $180 / Silver $360 / Gold $500 Platinum $1000 / Chanukah Sponsor $1800 Click Here to Sponsor For A Chanukah Guide Click Here      Continue Reading