Kiddush Sponsorship

You can sponsor a Kiddush to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, yahrzeit, or any significant event. If you prefer, it is also possible to co-sponsor a Kiddush. We also welcome contributions to the General Kiddush Fund. Please call with any questions and to reserve your kiddush date.

The week’s sponsor(s) has the opportunity to speak about the event for which they are sponsoring the Kiddush, and are/is encouraged to say a few words about their occasion, the Torah portion of that week, or any Jewish topic. The Rabbi or Rebbetzin will be glad to help the sponsor(s) prepare their remarks.

At Chabad Jewish Center we offer different Kiddush options.

Basic Kiddush $100
Challah / Cake / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 4 Additional Salads / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Special Kiddush $180 
Challa Rolls / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 4 Additional Salads / Pastries / Lox OR Cold Cuts / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Deluxe Kiddush $250 
Challah Rolls / Pastries / Fresh Salad / 5 Additional Salads / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods / your choice of Lox, Herring & Whitefish OR Cold cuts/ Burekas & Meat in Cholent

Lavish Kiddush 
Call to discuss specifics.

All above options serve 25 people.

If you would like to discuss specifics for a more Lavish Kiddush or for larger amounts of people please call us to discuss.

To reserve a Kiddush please call Chabad at 239-963-4770

 DateSponsorIn Honor Of / In Memory Of 
Rosh Hashana Day 1Rabbi Zushe & Bayla. Silberstein IHO Cape Coral Chabad Community
Rosh Hashana Day 2  
 Sept. 15Freedman Family
  Yom Kippur Break FastMichael & Jill ShapiroIMO Dr. Alan J. Shapiro OBM
Sept. 22
Sukkos Day 1Glen & Beryl Hosack 
Sukkos Day 2 Russell & Chavah Krakow
Sept. 29 Shabbos SukkosHarvey & Debi RissoverIMO Robert Rissover & Morris Littman OBM
 Shmini AtzeresGary & Mary Skogebo
Simchas Torah
 October 6Monica WildongerIMO Roberta Sondra OBM
October 13
October 20 Wallace & Madeline KrawitzkyIMO Beatrice Krawitzky OBM
October 27
 November 3Mirise FamilyIHO birthdays of Matthew, Michael & Rachel
 November 10 Jacob Ben-HaimIHO the birthdays of Jacob & Eyal Ben-Haim
 November 17Wallace & Madeline KrawitzkyIMO Abraham Krawitzky OBM
November 24Steven CasmanIMO Burton Casman OBM
 December 1Rabbi Yossi & Rivky LabkowskiIHO Chaya Mushka’s birthday 
 December 8Rabbi Yossi & Rivky LabkowskiIHO Nosson’s Birthday
 December 15Jacob Ben-HaimIMO Esther Ben-Haim OBM
 December 22Laufer FamilyIHO Ian’s Bar Mitzvah
 December 29Langer FamilyIHO Danny Mcbride’s Bar Mitzvah
 January 5  
 January 12Ira GeshelinIMO Lillian Geshelin OBM
 January 19Jacob Ben-Haim IMO Noach ben-Haim OBM
 January 26Nelson WrubleIMO his uncle, grandmother & Father’s brother
February 2
 February 9Ira GeshelinIMO his father Maurice Geshelin OBM
February 16
 February 23 
 March 2Malvin ScherIMO his mother Lorraine Scher OBM
 March 9
March 16
 March 23  
 March 30  Labkowski Family IHO Rivky Birthday
 April 6 
 April 13Labkowski Family        IHO Rabbi Yossi Birthday
 April 20 Pesach  
 April 27 PesachMichael & Jill ShapiroIHO Miriam & Aryeh’s Birthday
April 27 Moshiach MealMichael & Jill ShapiroIHO Birthday of Zachary OBM
 May 4Michael & Jill ShapiroIHO Aryeh’s Bar Mitzvah
May 11Monica Wildonger
IHO Monica’s big 60
May 18

May 25

June 1
 June 8  
Shavuos Dairy FeastRussell & Chavah Krakow, Yitzchak Wolowik, Gary & Mary Skogebo

 June 15  
June 22  
June 29  
July 6Harrouch Family from Toronto   IHO the Ufruf of their son Reuven
July 13Harrouch Family from Toronto IHO the Sheva Brochos of their son Reuven
July 20Nelson WrubleIMO his Father Harold R. Wruble OBM
July 27Harrouch Family from Toronto  
August 3 Wallace & Madelyn KrawitzkyIHO their new grandson Yehuda Aharon 
August 10  
August 17  
August 24 Rabbi Yossi & Rivky LabkowskiIHO Mendel’s Birthday
August 31Mirise Family
IHO Shareen’s Birthday
September 7  
September 14 Herb Young IMO Irving Yozawitz OBM
September 21

September 28