March 9 – 10, 2020 Monday, March 9   Fast of Esther Begins: 6:31am     Mincha & “Half Shekel”:       Megillah Reading: 7:45pm     Fast Ends: 7:58pm Tuesday, March 10   Purim Day!       Services 7:00am     Megillah Reading: 7:45am     PurimContinue Reading

Arpil 19-27 2019 – Nissan 12-22 Tuesday, April 7 Bedikat Chametz Search for Chametz: 8:12pm Wednesday, April 8,Pesach Eve Finish Eating Chametz before: 11:18am   Sell and Burn Chametz before: 12:16pm   Candle Lighting: 7:30pm   Mincha & Maariv Services  7:30pm   Community Pesach Seder: 8:00pm Thursday, April 91st DayContinue Reading

Celebrate Shavuot Friday, May 29th 11:00am Schedule of Services Click Here What is Shavuot? Click Here Shavuot Guide Click Here Admission: FREE of Charge Please RSVP

May 28 – 30, 2020  Thursday , May 28   Shavuot Eve       Mincha & Maariv Services  8:00pm     Candle Lighting:  7:56pm      Tikun Leil Shavuot All night Friday, May 29   Shavuot Day 1        Holiday Services  9:30am      Reading of 10 CommandmentsContinue Reading