JLI Series

Upcoming Courses:

FALL: Jewish Secrets for Dealing with Life’s Struggle
November 2019

This course offers formulas to remain upbeat and happy despite hardships, feelings of guilt, or personal inadequacy. Based on Tanya chapters 26–34, this course studies spiritual mechanisms that allow one to survive—and thrive—despite life’s difficulties.

WINTER: Gifts of the Jews
January 2020

This course explores some of the most notable values and attitudes that the Jews have shared with the world. Once considered preposterous, many of these teachings are taken for granted today. The story of this transition is both instructive and fascinating. The course also considers how Judaism can continue to serve as a beacon of light and fountain of wisdom for all of humankind.

SPRING: Secrets of the Bible
May 2020

This course explores famous and infamous biblical stories, uncovering their mystical and cosmic significance as well as their practical applications for daily life in the here and now. Based on the teachings of Chasidus, and the Rebbe’s works in particular, the six lessons of this course demonstrate how the many details, questions, and mysterious twists in these iconic biblical narratives are resolved by viewing them through the lens of the “soul of Torah.”