Kiddush Sponsorship

You can sponsor a Kiddush to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, yahrzeit, or any significant event. If you prefer, it is also possible to co-sponsor a Kiddush. We also welcome contributions to the General Kiddush Fund. Please call with any questions and to reserve your kiddush date.

The week’s sponsor(s) has the opportunity to speak about the event for which they are sponsoring the Kiddush, and are/is encouraged to say a few words about their occasion, the Torah portion of that week, or any Jewish topic. The Rabbi or Rebbetzin will be glad to help the sponsor(s) prepare their remarks.

At Chabad Jewish Center we offer different Kiddush options.

Basic Kiddush $180
Challah / Cake / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 3 Additional Dips / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Special Kiddush $300 
Challa Rolls / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 4 Additional Dips/ Cake / Whitefish OR Cold Cuts / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Deluxe Kiddush $500
Challah Rolls / Cake / Fresh Salad / 5 Additional Salads / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods / your choice of Lox, Herring & Whitefish OR Cold cuts with Meat in Cholent

Lavish Kiddush 
Call to discuss specifics.

All above options serve 25 people.

If you would like to discuss specifics for a more Lavish Kiddush or for larger amounts of people please call us to discuss.

To reserve a Kiddush please call Chabad at 239-963-4770

Rosh Hashana Day 1 Howard  & Tobi Ash  
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Russell & Chavah Krakow | Mary & Gary Skogebo| Michael & Jill Shapiro  
Haazinu Sept. 23 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Yom Kippur Break-Fast Russell & Chavah Krakow IMO Mrs. Marlene Krakow OBM
Sukkos Day 1   Russell & Chavah Krakow  
Sukkos Day 2 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Shmini Atzeres Harvey & Debi Rissover IMO Robert Rissover & Morris Littman OBM
Simchas Torah Russell & Chavah Krakow  
Bereishis Oct. 14 Nelson & Abby Wruble IMO Mrs. Sylvia Wruble OBM
Noach Oct. 21 Howard & Tobi  
Lech Lecha Oct. 29 Richard Lebakken IHO our community
Vayeira Nov. 4 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Chayei Sara Nov. 11 Steven Casman IMO Mrs. Doreen Casman
Toldos Nov. 18 Howard & Tobi Ash IHO a Refuah Sheleima for Yaakov David ben Esther
Vayetzei Nov. 25 Nir & Dale Cohen IHO a Refuah Sheleima for Yaakov David ben Esther
Vayishlach Dec. 2 Steven Casman IMO Burton Casman
Vayeshev Dec. 9 Richard Lebakken IHO Chanukah
Miketz Dec. 16 Labkowski & Ash Families IHO Chaya Mushka & Nosson’s Birthday
Vayigash Dec. 23 Mrs. Carolann Cohen & Family IMO Marty Cohen OBM
Vayechi Dec. 30 Yaakov Ben-Haim & Howard & Tobi Ash IMO Esther Ben-Haim OBM
Shemos Jan. 6 Howard & Tobi Ash IMO their parents
Va’eira Jan. 13 Silberstein Family IHO Rabbi Zushe & Bayla Silberstein 
Bo Jan 20 Yaakov Ben-Haim IMO Noah Ben-Haim OBM
Beshalach Jan 27 Nir & Dale Cohen  
Yisro Feb 3 Steve & Colleen Shapiro IMO Amy Gerson OBM
Mishpatim Feb 10 Steve & Colleen Shapiro IMO Mrs. Doris Shapiro OBM
Terumah Feb 17 Richard Lebakken IHO Tommy’s Birthday
Tetzaveh Feb 24 Howard & Tobi Ash IHO a Refuah Sheleima for Soraya ben Bayla Hakohen
Ki Sisa March 2 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Vayakhel March 9 Michael & Jill Shapiro & Family IHO Yosef Shapiro’s 21st Birthday
Pekudei March 15 Howard & Tobi Ash IMO their parents
Vayikra March 23 Howard & Tobi Ash IMO their parents
Tzav March 30 Labkowski Family IHO Rivky Birthday
Shemini April 6 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Tazriah April 13 Steven Casman IMO David Casman OBM
Metzorah April 20 Labkowski Family & Howard & Tobi Ash IHO Rabbi Yossi Birthday
Shabbos Pesach April 27 Michael & Jill Shapiro & Family IHO Miriam & Aryeh Shapiro’s 18th Birthday
Moshiach Meal April 30 Michael & Jill Shapiro & Family IMO Zachary Shapiro OBM
Acharei May 4 Fred Baum & Richard Lebakken IMO Abraham Baum OBM
Kedoshim May 11 Richard Lebakken IHO His Birthday
Emor May 18 Harvey & Debi Rissover IMO Mrs.  Charlotte Rissover OBM
Behar May 25 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Bechukosai June 1 Howard & Tobi Ash  
Bamidbar June 8    
Shavuos- Dairy Feast June 12    
Shavuos Day 2 June 13    
Nasso June 15    
Behaaloscha June 22    
Shelach June 29    
Korach July 6    
Chukas July 13    
Balak July 20    
Pinchas July 27    
Matos- Masei Aug 3    
Devarim Aug 10    
Vaeschanan Aug 17    
Eikev Aug. 24    
Re’eh Aug. 31    
Shoftim Sept. 7    
Ki Seitzei Sept. 14    
Ki Savo Sept. 21    
Nitzavim-Vayelech Sept. 28