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Please fill out this form as an initial registration for the Chabad Hebrew School.

Confirmation of acceptance will be acknowledged only after this registration form is reviewed and an acceptance letter is received.
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Student Information

Last Name First Name Hebrew Name
Date of Birth Age Male Female
Does your child have previous Jewish Education Yes No
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Is the natural mother of the child Jewish? Yes No
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Emergency Contact Information
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Hebrew School Tuition Agreement

The following is a tuition agreement for the Chabad Hebrew School. The agreement explains the tuition fees, payments plans and refund policies. Please read it through carefully. If paying by check or cash, full payment must be submitted to the school office before any child will be permitted to attend classes.

The tuition for the Chabad Hebrew School is $500.00 per Year per child (this includes a registration & book fee). Membership Not Required .

Discounts: There is a 10% discount off of the regular tuition for each additional child of the same family. There is a 10% additional discount off your total tuition for each child of another family you successfully introduce to the Chabad Hebrew School.

You may choose from the following payment methods:
PLAN A: You may pay the entire amount in full with a check, cash or credit card.

PLAN B: You may pay the annual tuition on a monthly basis by submitting 5 checks of $100.00 each, dated September through Jan. All checks must be submitted before the first day of Hebrew School.

PLAN C: You may use your credit card to pay the tuition on a monthly basis. Your credit card will be charged $100.00 monthly September - Jan. To do so please include your credit card number and expiration date.

First Taste Program Tuition Agreement

A: $425 for complete program

Payments can be made with a check, cash or credit card.

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